SECA Food Pantry

Food is available at no charge to families in Spotsylvania County.

  1. Must be a Spotsylvania County resident.
  2. Eligible clients may receive food no more often than every 60 days.
  3. Must visit SECA during Assistance hours. No appointment necessary.
  4. Must provide proof of residence (a drivers license or a bill or other mail addressed to client will usually work fine).
  5. Must complete Assistance Request form to provide family/household information to be eligible for SECA food. You will be able to designate any food allergies or other medical limitations.
  6. Eligible clients may also qualify for USDA food (must provide information for USDA form).
  7. Assistance is available “per household.”
  8. Eligible clients may receive assistance with more than one service in the same visit.

*Please note that all decisions relating to any assistance rests solely with SECA and its representatives.